Moving Out & Turning 26!

Hello lovelies,

How are y’all doing? I know it’s been a hot minute since I last posted. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break & Black Friday, we had a small family dinner and then Jose and I went to Target cause he wanted to buy the new Call of Duty game. Such a boy lol.

Anyways two weeks ago I finally moved out of my family home, and honestly it was one of the hardest things I had to do. I think the reason it was so hard was the fact that it was my first time moving out, and I feel kind of guilty for leaving my mom and sister by themselves in that house. Especially since all of our family lives in Chicago, my parents separated about 4 years ago and that is another reason.

The main reason I think it was so hard was that it was my first time moving out, also because I am my mom’s first born and the first one to move out. The last week I was at home I remember coming home from work on Monday, and my mom and I just sat down and cried for hours. Literally a big crying fast, and that made me not want to move out. My mom though told me you have to move out, “tienes que hacer tu vida”. Which is true, I do have make my own life and figure out the person I want to be or the person I aspire to be.

So far living with my boyfriend has been AMAZING! We have our little puppy that we adopted, her name is Frida after Frida Kahlo because she is just a badass woman! We are actually renting his parents old house and so far everything is great, there is still some work the house needs done, but were doing that little by little.

Some tips I can probably give for your first time moving out are:

  • If you feel like crying, cry it all out. It will definitely help you feel better.
  • Try to spend as much time with your family those last couple of weeks, because when you move out you’ll definitely miss them.
  • Be happy, because you’re starting a new chapter in your life!
  • Look forward to decorating your apartment or house the way that you want to.
  • And last but not least look forward to hosting parties at your new place!!!

I will be posting some pics of our place later on when we get everything a bit more organized and decorated.

So I turned 26 on Monday, I know crazy lol. I know also that a lot of people don’t like telling there age, but I don’t really care. So turning 26 has not been much different, than turning 25. I do have to say that 25 was a really good year for me, I just hope 26 is just as good. I am very blessed with the family, friends, and my boyfriend, they made this year amazing for me. I am just super happy. It has been such a long time since I have been this happy, but I am definitely super happy and super blessed!

Besos, Kim ❤️


Kim’s Current Favorites!

Hi everyone,

Can ya’ll believe it’s almost Halloween? Then it’ll be Thanksgiving! Honestly Fall & Winter Holidays are my FAVORITE, because it is just party after party!

So I was going to do a blog post about my Halloween costume, but unfortunately I am not dressing up this year, so I can’t do one lol! Main reason I am not dressing up is, because Halloween is next Tuesday and this Saturday Jose and I are going to binge watch Stranger Things with a couple of our friends. So since I am not doing that I will be talking about my CURRENT FAVORITES!!!

Lately, I’ve watched, tried, and listened to new things. The first thing I am going to talk about is the things I’ve watched. So I have watched about three new things this past month and honestly I have loved all of them!

  • The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story: This is a documentary about Kate del Castillo who is a famous Mexican soap opera actress, who went to go meet El Chapo with Sean Penn back in October 2014, if I am not mistaken. After that Sean Penn wrote an article for The Rolling Stone and threw it way out of proportion. So this documentary is Kate’s side of what really happened. Honestly, I thought this documentary was so good, it gives you an insight of what she was going through this time! I definitely recommend it! You can watch it on Netflix!MV5BMjE3NjMzNTc5M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTM0Nzc4MzI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_
  • Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated: This is another documentary it is about Demi Lovato and all the things she was going through while she was growing up in the spotlight. I definitely cried a little bit while watching this, because it was just so hard hearing some of it. If you like Demi, you should definitely watch it! If not well, I totally understand lol! This documentary you can watch on YouTube!maxresdefault
  • Broad City (Series): This is a series about two girl best friends living in NYC, and basically all the crazy things they do! Jose and I started watching it together and we can’t stop it is so funny! If you ever need a good laugh you should watch it! This isn’t like The Office humor or anything like that it is more of dirty humor! You can watch all the seasons on Hulu, but it is usually broadcasted on Comedy Central! My coworker actually recommended me this show!broad-city_s3_hero

The things that I have tried are honestly not like crazy things mostly makeup products, because lets be honest almost every girl loves makeup! I buy tons of it, which I probably should stop, because I spend wayyyyyy toooo much money on it lol!

  • Olympus – OM-D E-M 10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera: I recently decided I wanted to invest my money in a good camera, I could play around with and start taking better pictures with. I am still learning how to use it, but so far I love it! And honestly it takes amazing photos! If you want to see some go look at my Instagram @everydaywithkimagu, you will definitely see some pretty ones there!
  • FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna: If you have not heard this was all the hype when I came back from Paris everyone was literally looking for it! And it was sold out everywhere at least the foundations were! When I first went to go buy this I bought the foundation, primer, highlighters, foundation brush, and the lip gloss. I loved the primer since I first tried it, and the highlighter is on point as well, the brush isn’t my ideal brush but it is not bad. And I absolutely love the lip gloss! The foundation the first time I bought the wrong shade, so I went back to the store and got color matched. Well I ordered it online since it was sold everywhere, and when I got the correct shade in the mail I returned the other one. Now my dilemma is that I still have the wrong shade. The reason it is still wrong is that when I got color matched she matched me by my tan and now since my tan is fading, the foundation is too dark and too yellow. I am just literally waiting till it runs out and buying the correct shade for my skin tone. Overall it is a amazing line, especially for people who have semi dry skin and an oily t-zone. I definitely recommend it! (Not pictured primer, highlighter & brush)
  • Milani Amore Matte Lip Créme (Shade: 12 Loved): These liquid lipsticks are my new favorite ones (I also love the Kat Von D ones). The reason, is because they really do feel like the Kat Von D one’s and they smell sooooo good! And the pigmentation is amazing! And they last all day I think I have only have had to reapply once! If you love liquid lipsticks you should try it out!
  • She: Karrueche X Colourpop Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette: I recently received this in the mail, and I already love it! I was playing around with it two days ago, the pigmentation is also amazing on this! I am a big Colourpop fan, so the fact that they have started having palette’s and the fact that they are cheaper than most nowadays is definitely a double plus! Definitely try Colourpop it is affordable and every order comes with a cute postcard! 


The last thing I will be talking about is the podcast I have been listening to the past couple of months! It is called Why Oh Why! by Andrea Silenzi. This podcast is just about dating, she starts talking about her relationship at first and then little by little she talks about the different aspects of dating. And it really does make you think about dating, and why it is the way it is nowadays! It is funny, and serious at the same time! I definitely recommend it! 


  Well I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Enjoy the cold front on Saturday! Love you all!!! You should definitely go ahead and subscribe to my blog if you like this post! Also have a Happy & Safe Halloween!

Besos, Kim ❤️

Hola Barcelona!

Buenos dias!

How are you guys?! I hope everyone is doing well and excited that it is finally FALL! Fall is my favorite time of the year along with Winter! Hopefully this year we get some cool weather especially since last year, it felt like we did not get any at all!

I am continuing the second part of my Europe trip! So the second stop of my trip was to the beautiful intriguing city of Barcelona!

September 12
So we woke up around 5 am, because our flight left at 7 am. And we left from Charles de Gaulle airport in France, we arrived to the airport went through security and waited to board our plane. As soon as we sat down in our seats, I passed out because I was exhausted. It only took about an hour to get from Paris to Barcelona, when we arrived there the first thing we did was find where our Airbnb was at. The transportation in Barcelona was not as confusing as Paris, but we were able to find our way around easier. The first thing I noticed about Barcelona, was that it was extremely humid, it literally felt like I was back in Houston. That was one thing and the second it seemed like it was a dirty city. So we arrived at our Airbnb, it was located in Poblé Sec. We dropped off our bags, because we were unable to check in until 3 pm. We decided to look for a place to eat brunch and we found this restaurant called Trópico, which had delicious homemade juices. After that we went to Las Ramblas which is a very popular tourist street that they have a sort of mercado and different little shops you can buy little trinkets and such from.

After that we went back to our Airbnb and met our hosts which was this older couple who were super nice! We ended up taking a nap for a couple hours, since we had to wake up earlier that day. After our nap, we woke up, and got ready because we were going to a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE game!!!!! A champions league game is a football (or soccer in the US) competition between the top-division European teams. So the two teams we went to go watch were F.C. Barcelona and Juventus F.C., we left the Airbnb and rode the bus to Camp Nou (the home stadium of FCB). And honestly the ride there was amazing because the ambience of everything was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The game was honestly one of the best things I had ever experienced in my whole life! That was one of the things I always wanted to do was watch Barcelona play live and I did. Everything was just so amazing!!!! And another thing is I got to see Leo Messi & Gerard Pique 😍. After the game we were hungry and started looking for some places to eat, originally we were gonna try to go eat somewhere close by where we stayed at. We ended up finding a restaurant that looked really popular and it was delicious! They sold tapas and beers, lol and the tapas were ON POINT to say the least! After that we just headed home and fell asleep.



September 13
We woke up this morning around 10 am, because we were extremely tired from the night before and we decided to go get brunch at this place called Brunch & Cake which is really popular. I ended up having this bagel with eggs and mac n’ cheese in it with a delicious fruit smoothie, and Jose had a some nachos and a fruit smoothie as well!

After brunch we went to go see La Sagrada Familia which is a really famous Basilica in  Barcelona, that was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is famous because it has remained unfinished for over a hundred years now. So this is a really beautiful church from the outside, we were not able to go inside because you had to buy tickets in advance. If we tried to buy tickets at that time we would not be able to go in until 5 pm, which I did not want to wait that long.

After going there we went to Park Güell, which is a famous park that has gardens and a bunch of different architectures. And another reason it is famous is because it was also designed by Antoni Gaudi, it is also one of his major works. When we got there we ended up finding out we had to also get tickets in advance to be able to go in, if we bought tickets then we would not be able to go in until 6. So we ended up walking around the gardens and seeing everything.




It was extremely hot that day and around the time we were leaving I started getting a migraine, I wanted to go to the beach so Jose and I took a bus back and went to one of the beaches. We sat down watched the waves and had a beer, but we were only there for about an hour, because I could not handle the pain from my migraine.  I was pretty upset, because I really wanted to enjoy that day but it was ruined by my migraine.



After the beach we went back home and I fell asleep until around 9 pm, we left the beach at around 6. When I woke up we went to dinner nearby, which was at this restaurant that served delicious pizza, Then we went back home took a shower and fell asleep.

September 14
This day was our last full day in Europe, we woke up, packed our bags and left for the airport to go back to Paris (it was a bit too expensive to fly out of Barcelona, that’s why we flew back to Paris, to go home from there). We took the metro to Las Ramblas to get some las minute souvenirs. And from there we caught the bus to take to the airport. When we arrived to the airport we made just in time to catch our flight.

After arriving to Paris we took the RER which is a metro system to get into the city, since the airport was out of the city, and we arrived back to our Airbnb. We dropped off our bags and decided to go souvenir shopping for our family. We went to a little perfume shop where we bought a gift for Jose’s aunt, and one for myself. After that we went to Ladurée for macaroons to take home, and Jose went to go look for some candy for his sister and himself. When Jose arrived back we went to dinner at this little cute Mexican restaurant, which they had delicious tacos. And the best part was that the owner of that restaurant is from Mexico City!!! Which I thought was amazing, and the guy who took our orders spoke three different languages (Spanish, French, & English) which I thought was really cool. After dinner we went back to our apartment and started packing, because unfortunately we were leaving the next day. ☹️

Overall, besides my migraine I had an amazing time in Europe! The best part was that I was able to go with someone I love so much! Honestly, I was scared at first because of everything that was happening but I told myself when would I be able to go again! The whole trip was totally worth it though, we had an amazing time and we are planning to go again soon!

It was one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life!

What places have YOU been to in Europe? Let me know. I would totally like to get some suggestions on where our next trip will be!

Besos, Kim ❤️

My Struggles with Weight Loss.

Hello my loves!

I hope everyone is having a good week! I am so far. I know it is a little late in the year to talk about starting to get your summer bod ready! But it is never too late to start on your fitness journey, which is exactly what I did. First let me take you back to when my weight loss struggles began.

Post High School (2010)

After I finished high school, I was around 110 lbs. I had not gained that much weight in high school. My first three years of college (2011-2013) came and went, and I gained about 15 lbs. I was about 125 lbs at the end of 2013.

Circa 2011, with my little sister.

2014 – 2015

These two years are the years I started going to the University of Houston – Downtown. And honestly these were the hardest years I ever had to go through. I went through a very traumatic family experience, that changed my whole life. The beginning of 2014 is when I started having depression and anxiety, these two things hit me so hard that my school work started suffering. I went through 2014 going to the gym every couple of months, quitting and starting back again. I gained about 10 lbs more (135 lbs), but you could barely notice them.

Circa, March 2014.

In 2015, I went back to the gym for what seemed like the 50th time, and I finally stuck to it. Summer of 2015, I stayed consistent going to the gym the whole summer, and I lost about 5 lbs. I was not eating healthy at the time, which is why I ended up gaining them back. In September 2015, I met Jose and we started dating. Along with being in a new relationship and all the excitement, came all the eating out, and treats. I still looked pretty good, and had not gained much weight since we had started dating at the end of 2015.

2015-02-21 22.58.24
Circa, Feb 2015.



2016 – 2017

At the beginning of 2016, I gained about another 15 lbs (150 lbs), because since my family experience back in 2014, I had not been able to regain my confidence and motivation to do well in school. Jose pushed me and motivated me to start doing better in school, so I could finally graduate. On my senior year (end of 2016-beg 2017), I was so stressed out over school, that I gained another 10 lbs, which has brought me to a total of 160 lbs.

Circa Jan 2017.

These last two months after graduating have been hard for me. I’ve been lacking a lot of motivation. Motivation to eat healthier and to lose weight. I kept telling myself I was going to go back to the gym, but I wouldn’t follow through with it. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided I was going to stop making excuses, and do something about it. So I decided to hire a personal trainer, I completed my first week of training this Monday. And I can honestly say I have been feeling more motivated than I ever have.

Personal Trainer

My trainer’s name is Ursula Krause and she does online training here in the Houston area. She first calls you on the phone to get to know you a little better, and to talk to you about your personal goals. After that, you decide if you want to go forward with her, she then emails you an assessment that you fill out and send back to her. She also schedules with you one-on-one video chats, during these video chats she sends you a personalized workout, a meal plan to follow, talks to you about your workouts, and goals. She also adds you to an online group of other girls she is training, and a text group chat as well. This is what has been helping me keep motivated. This support system helps so much and the best part is we motivate each other. Another good thing is we each congratulate each other on our wins no matter how small they are. Ursula keeps having individual video chats with your personally, but also has group video chats that you can participate in.

Realizations & Tips

As you can see I’ve had a very long struggle with weight loss, and I can honestly say it has been hard. I am extremely happy that I’ve finally decided to do something about it. I want to be healthy again, I want to look  at myself in the mirror and be confident in my body.

The tips I can give you to start your fitness journey are:

  • Never give up no matter how much you want to. No matter how much life is bringing you down, because after you complete your first win you’ll feel so empowered.
  • Get a support system, it never hurts to ask for help. I didn’t want to for the longest time, but now that I have one I feel so much better, happier, and definitely more motivated.
  • Get motivated! Print out pictures of people you admire and put them on your mirror. Say to yourself that you can and you will accomplish where you want to be.
  • Make a workout playlist that gets you pumped to workout. A playlist that not only makes you want to get up and dance, but also pushes you to finish that last set.
  • Start eating healthier little by little, cut portions in half, stop drinking soda and replace it with carbonated water. Try to not eat sweets, or fried food. That is another thing I learned, losing weight is 80% what you eat, and 20% working out! So if you want to really lose weight you have to change how you eat as well.
  • Remember it is never too late to start, what matters is that you do start.

I hope this post helps you with your weight loss struggles. I hope it gives you motivation to start or continue what you are doing to stay healthy.

Besos, Kim ❤️

First Things First!

Hi everyone!

Writing and sharing with people my life experiences brings me a lot of joy, which is the reason why I decided to start writing about what I do on the daily. I also wanted to share with you my trips, favorite books, favorite podcasts, and much more! I am very excited to share this new experience with you!

A little about me: I graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of Houston – Downtown. I have a younger sister named Susan, and also an awesome boyfriend named Jose. I absolutely love shopping, reading, traveling, listening to music and movies. I also recently discovered that I love listening to podcasts, I actually got into podcasts, because one day when I opened my Spotify app they were on the discover tab. Movies though are definitely one of my more favorite things to do. I’m a big movie buff! Jose and I are always going to the movies, at least twice a month. One other thing I absolutely love and have to share with you, is my adorable dog Pablo.

I can’t wait to start blogging and to connect with all you amazing people out there ! Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to keep up with my new posts and to follow me on Instagram!

Besos, Kim!