Update, update, read all about it!


Hello my loves!

Welcome back AGAIN to my blog! If you’re reading this after my hiatus of two months I really appreciate it! I feel like I have to explain why I stopped writing for so long, the main reason is because I lost the inspiration to keep writing. I honestly felt like there was nothing interesting going on in my life, and there was nothing I could or had to write about. I recently gained the inspiration I needed to start writing again, and so here I am. I also have some EXCITING news to share with you all!!!

I recently finished my last two classes I needed to be able to qualify to take the CPA exam, and I am so excited because I am finally done with school!!! I am taking a short break over the summer to relax and get my mindset ready, and in September I will start studying for it so in January 2019 I can hopefully be ready to take the first part. That is one of the main reasons I have been so absent lately.

Also another thing that happened recently is I started a new job, and with a company I have been wanting to work for a really long time! And that company is…


I have been waiting for this opportunity for a longgggg time! And I finally got the job, I literally applied about four different times, but I never got a call back TILL the beginning of March! I started in the beginning of May, so I have been there for a about a month! Honestly, I loveeeee my job so much, I know it is barely the first month but so far it has just been going so good. Hopefully in a year I can say the same thing. 

But yeah hope everyone had a good weekend, and a good start to this new week.

Until next time!

Besos, Kim ❤️


2 thoughts on “Update, update, read all about it!

  1. Kim! So glad to read you’re back… continue your writing girl. You have no idea how much you inspire… even if it’s just with simple everyday things. I always enjoy your posts! Also… your photos are so pretty! 😘


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