Bonjour Paris!

Hello Loves!

I know I have been completely MIA for almost a month! I feel horrible, I have just had so much going on! After my last blog post, Hurricane Harvey hit here in Houston and it just got bad, after that I became really busy at work with trying to meet deadlines especially since I was going on vacation. And then well I was in Europe!

So my trip to Europe was AMAZING to say the least! Literally AMAZING!!!! Jose and I found tickets and places to stay at in March. We had originally planned to go to Playa, because for the longest time I wanted a beach vacation. In March, Jose started looking at plane tickets to Europe and he found some cheap ones and we decided to take the leap and booked them! We decided that September would be the best time to travel since there won’t be that many tourists as in the summer.


September 8-9
We left on Friday night from Houston and had a layover in London on Saturday morning and arrived in Paris on Saturday afternoon. We landed in Orly Airport we decided to take the bus, to the metro, and the metro to our Airbnb, that ended up turning into a disaster. Jose got lost on the directions he was following, so we ended up ordering an Uber and took it to our Airbnb.

We stayed near Rue Royale in this beautiful apartment. So when we arrived to our Airbnb and settled in, we decided to shower then head out to find something to eat. It was around 9pm when we headed out, and we had decided to go out to this Italian restaurant a few blocks where we were staying at. The place was delicious to say the least, and the waiters were so friendly. Jose and I had made the mistake of not practicing that much French before coming on this trip, so we were a bit nervous about the language barrier. We were very happy to find out that when we spoke to them in Spanish they understood us better! (Most of our trip was spent speaking Spanish lol!) After going to dinner, we decided to walk to the Pont de la Concorde (which is a bridge over looking the Seine River) and we were able to see the Eiffel Tower! And that is where we ended our first night in Paris!



September 10
Sunday was our first full day in Paris! We woke up and went to go eat at a little cafe near Notre Dame, because that was the first thing we were gonna see that day! After we finished breakfast, we walked over to Notre Dame as soon I saw it I started thinking about the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It made me sad thinking about that movie, because when I was younger I would cry because I felt bad for Quasimodo (I also cried during Lion King). But Notre Dame was beautiful, ever since I was little whenever we would travel somewhere new my mom would take us to see the churches nearby, and this time it was no different. Notre Dame reminded me of the Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México, it looked so similar but I loved it!

Our next stop was Sainte-Chapelle which was another amazing church, the beautiful thing about this church is that it is famous for its stained glass! We paid for our ticket to get in and walked up a flight of stairs that seemed to go on forever. When we got to the the top we were in for a surprise, we entered this room that was all stained glass and we were in awe. The pictures we took does not do it justice.

After going to those two places we finally went to the Eiffel Tower, and it was just as beautiful and magnificent as I imagined! Honestly, this was one of my favorites things about the trip cause I have always wanted to go! There was a lot of people there, but we were able to get some beautiful pictures and just sit down in the park and relax for a little bit! The Eiffel Tower is something that I think everyone should go see at least once in their life.


We had lunch after we went to go see the Eiffel Tower, after that we went back to our apartment and decided to just nap a bit. When we woke up, Jose wanted to get some macaroons, and we decided we were gonna bike to the Arc de Triomphe, but that was a big fail. When we rented the bikes and I tried to get on the bicycle I got scared, because there were so many cars and people walking around (plus I hadn’t been on a bike in over a year) I couldn’t get myself to ride the bike. And I felt horrible, because I knew Jose wanted to bike there so bad. So I made a promise to him and to myself to start practicing riding a bike again so I won’t forget and be fearful for next time.

When we arrived at the Arc de Triomphe it literally reminded me as well of the Angel of Independence in Mexico City. There were so many cars driving around it, and I remember telling Jose how are we going to get across to it. In Mexico City to be able to get to the Angel you have to cross the busy streets around it, thankfully at the Arc there is an underground passage you can take to get to it.


The night we went to this Mexican restaurant that we found on Yelp called Candeleria. It was a small restaurant with barely any seating, but behind this door that was in the restaurant was this cocktail bar. We had dinner then decided to go inside the cocktail bar and have some drinks. The food was delicious and so were the cocktails. After that we decided to go back home, but when we got there we didn’t want to stop drinking so we walked to the Pont de la Concorde and started drinking a bottle of wine on the bridge. We finished the bottle between the two of us (if you know us, you know we haven’t done that since we first started dating lol) and were hungry so started looking for a place to eat. Unfortunately, it was already around 1 am so we could not find anything to eat, so we went home, ate some jamón serrano, and fell asleep. I know it wasn’t Whataburger lol but the jamón had to do. Even though I was dying for a patty melt lol!

September 11
Monday was going to be our full last day in Paris, because on Tuesday we were going to leave for Barcelona! So Monday I woke up with a bit of a migraine, I am pretty sure it was because of the whole bottle of wine we drank the night before. So Monday we woke up around 11, and by the time we left the apartment it was 1:30. We rode the metro to the Louvre, and when we got there it was completely packed. Jose and I had already decided what we wanted to see the Mona Lisa, and Egyptian part of the museum. So we went to go see the Mona Lisa, but boy was it hard to get a close up picture of her. There was a HUGE crowd around her, and you could not get that close. Actually it was just pretty crowded in the Louvre in general, and the bad thing is that it was also very warm in the museum. It was pretty cool the whole time we were in Paris, but we were extremely surprise that it was very warm in the museum.

No matter how warm it was though, I loved the Louvre. I wish I could have stayed and seen all of it! I know a lot of people say that it might take like three days to see everything, but that is what I want to go back and do. I want to see absolutely everything.




After spending the afternoon in the museum, we went back to the apartment and took an hour nap. At around 8:30 pm we woke and went to go get crêpes, because I mean you can’t go to Paris and not get crêpes. We each got one savoury, and one sweet crêpe (except I didn’t get a sweet one, I got ice cream instead). Afterwards we went home, showered, and Jose fell asleep while I watched a movie (we had to wake up early the next day for our flight) I wasn’t sleepy though. I watched Before I Fall, and woke Jose up because I started crying after the movie was done. He just hugged me, gave me a kissed and told me not to worry it was just a movie lol. He literally always knows how to make me feel better. If you have not watched that movie you definitely should!

Next Stop: Barcelona!

What are your favorite things to do while on vacation? Let me know! 

Besos, Kim ❤️


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