My Struggles with Weight Loss.

Hello my loves!

I hope everyone is having a good week! I am so far. I know it is a little late in the year to talk about starting to get your summer bod ready! But it is never too late to start on your fitness journey, which is exactly what I did. First let me take you back to when my weight loss struggles began.

Post High School (2010)

After I finished high school, I was around 110 lbs. I had not gained that much weight in high school. My first three years of college (2011-2013) came and went, and I gained about 15 lbs. I was about 125 lbs at the end of 2013.

Circa 2011, with my little sister.

2014 – 2015

These two years are the years I started going to the University of Houston – Downtown. And honestly these were the hardest years I ever had to go through. I went through a very traumatic family experience, that changed my whole life. The beginning of 2014 is when I started having depression and anxiety, these two things hit me so hard that my school work started suffering. I went through 2014 going to the gym every couple of months, quitting and starting back again. I gained about 10 lbs more (135 lbs), but you could barely notice them.

In 2015, I went back to the gym for what seemed like the 50th time, and I finally stuck to it. Summer of 2015, I stayed consistent going to the gym the whole summer, and I lost about 5 lbs. I was not eating healthy at the time, which is why I ended up gaining them back. In September 2015, I met Jose and we started dating. Along with being in a new relationship and all the excitement, came all the eating out, and treats. I still looked pretty good, and had not gained much weight since we had started dating at the end of 2015.

2015-02-21 22.58.24
Circa, Feb 2015.


2016 – 2017

At the beginning of 2016, I gained about another 15 lbs (150 lbs), because since my family experience back in 2014, I had not been able to regain my confidence and motivation to do well in school. Jose pushed me and motivated me to start doing better in school, so I could finally graduate. On my senior year (end of 2016-beg 2017), I was so stressed out over school, that I gained another 10 lbs, which has brought me to a total of 160 lbs.

Circa Jan 2017.

These last two months after graduating have been hard for me. I’ve been lacking a lot of motivation. Motivation to eat healthier and to lose weight. I kept telling myself I was going to go back to the gym, but I wouldn’t follow through with it. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided I was going to stop making excuses, and do something about it. So I decided to hire a personal trainer, I completed my first week of training this Monday. And I can honestly say I have been feeling more motivated than I ever have.

Personal Trainer

My trainer’s name is Ursula Krause and she does online training here in the Houston area. She first calls you on the phone to get to know you a little better, and to talk to you about your personal goals. After that, you decide if you want to go forward with her, she then emails you an assessment that you fill out and send back to her. She also schedules with you one-on-one video chats, during these video chats she sends you a personalized workout, a meal plan to follow, talks to you about your workouts, and goals. She also adds you to an online group of other girls she is training, and a text group chat as well. This is what has been helping me keep motivated. This support system helps so much and the best part is we motivate each other. Another good thing is we each congratulate each other on our wins no matter how small they are. Ursula keeps having individual video chats with your personally, but also has group video chats that you can participate in.

Realizations & Tips

As you can see I’ve had a very long struggle with weight loss, and I can honestly say it has been hard. I am extremely happy that I’ve finally decided to do something about it. I want to be healthy again, I want to look  at myself in the mirror and be confident in my body.

The tips I can give you to start your fitness journey are:

  • Never give up no matter how much you want to. No matter how much life is bringing you down, because after you complete your first win you’ll feel so empowered.
  • Get a support system, it never hurts to ask for help. I didn’t want to for the longest time, but now that I have one I feel so much better, happier, and definitely more motivated.
  • Get motivated! Print out pictures of people you admire and put them on your mirror. Say to yourself that you can and you will accomplish where you want to be.
  • Make a workout playlist that gets you pumped to workout. A playlist that not only makes you want to get up and dance, but also pushes you to finish that last set.
  • Start eating healthier little by little, cut portions in half, stop drinking soda and replace it with carbonated water. Try to not eat sweets, or fried food. That is another thing I learned, losing weight is 80% what you eat, and 20% working out! So if you want to really lose weight you have to change how you eat as well.
  • Remember it is never too late to start, what matters is that you do start.

I hope this post helps you with your weight loss struggles. I hope it gives you motivation to start or continue what you are doing to stay healthy.

Besos, Kim ❤️


7 thoughts on “My Struggles with Weight Loss.

  1. Can’t leave out the work environment. We would go out to eat junk food almost everyday then ordering food to be delivered. I do have to say you have always looked great and beautiful.

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  2. Congrats and good luck as you continue your journey! I was there at one point, slightly differently circumstances 🙂 I gained over 80 pounds after I left the Military. It took me a long time of yo-yo dieting before I realized that calories don’t control weight loss or gain. Hormones do. What you eat and more importantly when you eat have a big effect on your hormones. I started using techniques to lower insulin, which traps fat when its too high, and lasting results followed. What worked for me, might not be what works for you, but insulin is what actually controls fat loss or gain. I used intermittent fasting, LCHF, exercise, and got good sleep! Good Luck!


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