First Things First!

Hi everyone!

Writing and sharing with people my life experiences brings me a lot of joy, which is the reason why I decided to start writing about what I do on the daily. I also wanted to share with you my trips, favorite books, favorite podcasts, and much more! I am very excited to share this new experience with you!

A little about me: I graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of Houston – Downtown. I have a younger sister named Susan, and also an awesome boyfriend named Jose. I absolutely love shopping, reading, traveling, listening to music and movies. I also recently discovered that I love listening to podcasts, I actually got into podcasts, because one day when I opened my Spotify app they were on the discover tab. Movies though are definitely one of my more favorite things to do. I’m a big movie buff! Jose and I are always going to the movies, at least twice a month. One other thing I absolutely love and have to share with you, is my adorable dog Pablo.

I can’t wait to start blogging and to connect with all you amazing people out there ! Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to keep up with my new posts and to follow me on Instagram!

Besos, Kim!

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Hola! My name is Kim. 26 yrs old from Houston, Texas. I am ready to share my view of the world!

2 thoughts on “First Things First!

  1. I am also a podcast fanatic and if you are looking for a good one I recommend Lore! When I first started listening I was hooked on The black tapes which is also good but not a good ending. Not sure if you are into a storyline or a short story but both were enjoyable. Let me know what you think!

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